Weather is changing to Coffee Season!

Weather is changing to Coffee Season!

Posted by Marie Nachman on Sep 6th 2018

Labor Day has just past and that means you Northerners aren't wearing white anymore. Not so much a mandate down south. If it's over 90, no one is going to argue with a white shirt and if you are over 90, well no one is going to argue with you at all! Age is respected here, but more on my observations about that in just a paragraph or two.

Fall always reminds me that it's never the wrong time for a hot drink. In south Texas we don't have fall in the same way the far north does and it's nothing like the far northeast. I've lived in both places and have seen spectacular colors on leaves before they fall. Breezes called “crisp” when a Texan would call them “durn cold”. Don’t ya know that apples are crisp and a cold wind is just well, chilling!

Here in south Texas fall is taken literally:

  • Rain falls from the sky for the first time in months
  • Leaves fall off the trees without bothering to do more than get brown. If it’s a rare year, they might go gold
  • Temperatures drop 10 or 15 degrees, down to what Duluth Minnesota calls a heat wave - 90 degrees
  • My favorite trees, the Live Oaks, wait till spring to drop their leaves just so we have a little something green around between us and the big blue sky.

As for that hot drink in the morning, the falling temps don’t take the humidity with it, so you do need a little something to get between you and the cooler but still damp air.

Coffee, tea, cocoa are all perfect for that and the first two more perfect than the third because they have no calories and taste fabulous just plain neekid. If you haven’t had an Earl Grey or English Breakfast in months, now is the time to remind yourself what those lovely traditional English teas are about.

Traditional flavors have a place in every tea drawer. You know, that place where you stash your teas and other users of the kitchen question why you need so many and why you keep adding more to the stash when the others aren’t gone yet. Tea, fabric, yarn are all things that easily turn into a collection, fondly known as a ‘the stash’. Some folks might have tools and baking dishes they collect, but for me it is tea, teapots, fabric, patterns and more recently coffee makers of all stripes.

No matter what it is, remember to use it, enjoy it and don’t have it for ‘best’. Today is best. It might be our last best day. We never know when that will come our way. Make every day better with something you love to do, enjoy drinking and a person or two you like being with. If you haven’t found any of those yet, lift your face from this device you are reading on and look around. Get curious. It will keep you from being old and dull someday. Better to be called eccentric or eclectic than dull. Sassy is good too - just don't sass your elders unless you are one too!

Make it a memorable day everyone and pass on the good cheer to all you encounter.