Welcome to Live Oak Coffee Company

Welcome to Live Oak Coffee Company

Posted by Marie Nachman on Aug 1st 2018

Our Back Porch

The journey to get here has taken more time than planned, many changes from the original business ideas and the help and encouragement of more people than I can count. Most recently it was the kind folks at who so generously shared their e-commerce infrastructure with me and got me on track to bring the website live. I can't thank them enough for their willingness to be buttonholed by a total stranger and to share so much vital information. Texans are like that.

As plans morphed from a physical coffee shop to a virtual one I came to realize this was a better fit for me in many ways. Given my druthers, I’ll take a rocking chair on the porch, birds for company and my morning coffee over a crowded public space any day of the week. Birdsong for music is fine and the view of the garden and Live Oak trees is how I want to start the day. You have to be a morning person to run a cafe and fuel the town with coffee as they head to work. My passion is more for helping everyone make coffee the way they like it, when and where they want it rather than pulling an award winning espresso. A night owl can pack and prep shipments at all hours and that suits me just fine. So order up - I’m ready for you!

Many friends across the country became my early tasters and their input helped me curate the initial product line. Your input will continue to be my guide as new product offerings are evaluated. I look forward to hearing what you want, how your like to doctor your beverages and what you are reading when you drink them.

Among those I have to thank are many of my Pleasanton neighbors. I’ll tell you more about them as days go by but cannot close this out without a huge thanks to Liz Tackitt who has listened to the highs and lows, promoted my products locally and sent her customers my way. She has a heart of gold and does amazing nail art that you can see on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to check out her artistry.
Enjoy this beautiful day!